Jewelry Appraisal

Pansy flower custom peridot engagement ring in platinum with 24K gold inlay

Professional Valuation Services

The Vermont Gem Lab is run by Vermont’s only ASA Master Gemologist Appraiser (1 of 54 in the world) and is the only AGA Certified Gemological Laboratory in the state. Owner Kennon Young is also a GIA graduate gemologist and a JA certified bench jeweler with over 15 years in the trade. We have a full gemological laboratory, customized valuation software, and a jeweler’s studio with state-of-the-art equipment.

Appraisals are offered for insurance, price confirmation, fair market value/estate work, marketable cash value, and more. We appraise modern and antique jewelry, loose diamonds and gemstones, watches, and silverware/flatware.

Please Contact Us to schedule a consultation with our appraiser.  We offer a free feasibility meeting for every client.


What is Value?

“A man walking through the desert, dying of thirst, carries a parcel of diamonds. He comes across a man with water. How many diamonds, if not all, would he give for just one cup of water?” Any item can have an infinite number of different values, based upon what you’re doing with the item. This can vary depending upon the buyer, seller, region, marketplace, quality, market saturation, and many more factors. Value is defined by transactions within these specified parameters. An example would be:

1.01 carat, G color, VS1 clarity, Excellent cut diamond

Sale takes place in the Burlington, VT region

  • Seller is a retail “brick and mortar” store
  • Buyer is a retail consumer
  • Date and Time is December 24th, 4:55 PM
  • Retail value conclusion: $7350.00

Change a single one of these aspects and the value conclusion will differ. This is appraisal theory. With just this simple knowledge, one can understand how an appraisal that reads “One 1.01 carat, G color, VVS1 clarity, Excellent cut diamond; Value: $25,000” is simply not enough. What if the client was purchasing it from auction, or a pawn shop? Would you expect the value to differ?

A professional appraiser understands not just jewelry manufacturing and gemology, but marketplaces and many different transactions that take place within these marketplaces (and ultimately how they affect value). The following chart shows many reasons for valuation as well as the corresponding value.