Jewelry Resale and Brokering

Looking to sell jewelry? We can help. The Vermont Gem Lab has an exclusive brokering and buying service unlike anyone else.  We not only purchase directly from the public, but we’ll sit down with you and educate you on several markets in which you can sell your unwanted engagement ring, out of fashion gemstone jewelry or old gold and platinum scrap.  We equip you with the knowledge you need in order to make comfortable and educated decisions regarding the resale of your jewelry.

We offer buying and brokering services based upon the type of jewelry items that you wish to sell. We buy most items, and broker some.


For designer pieces, or items that are valued at over $10,000 wholesale, the Vermont Gem Lab offers brokering services.  We consistently achieve selling prices above what jewelry buyers offer.  Methods of resale include online marketing, jewelry buyers, auction houses, and private sale to the ultimate consumer.

We work directly with our clients and the buyer to achieve the best possible value for your jewelry. Our fee for this service is 12% of the hammer or selling price, not including ancillary fees such as shipping and insurance.


The Vermont Gem Lab is always purchasing at the highest scrap rates in the area.  We purchase the following items:
Scrap gold, platinum and silver
Old gold and platinum jewelry
Diamonds above 0.50 carat with or without chips or breaks
All types of precious gemstones, including sapphire, ruby and emerald

Helpful Jewelry Resale Links

Here are several websites that might be a good choice in reselling your jewelry:

Sotheby’s Auction House Jewelry Department
Heritage Auction House

The Gemological Institute of America
The American Gem Lab

Resale Websites: Consumer to Consumer
I Do Now I Don’t
I Never Liked it Anyway