There’s a kingdom of gemstones full of unique, beautiful, and mysterious traits.  Sapphires have long been revered by royalty as engagement stones, and gemstones such as fine Padparasha sapphire are many times more rare than diamonds.  If you’re looking for colored precious stones in your ring, there are a few things to consider.

The color of a gemstone is perhaps the first consideration when choosing a gemstone.  Many people don’t realize the variations of colors that gemstones can exhibit.  Click here for a detailed chart on the color possibilities of gemstones.

The durability of a gemstone is vital for longevity use.  Click here for a detailed chart on the durability of gemstones.

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A conversation with our in-house gemologist will help you decide what stones to incorporate into your jewelry.


January = Garnet

February = Amethyst

March = Aquamarine

April = Diamond

May = Emerald

June = Pearl

July = Ruby

August = Peridot & Spinel

September = Sapphire

October = Opal & Tourmaline

November = Citrine & Topaz

December = Tuquoise & Tanzanite