Custom Made Jewelry


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“Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions of your life.  Your engagement ring should be beautiful, timeless, and representative of your tastes.  In addition, your ring should also be durable and designed to withstand your many happy years to come.

Creating an engagement ring is a journey you take with your jeweler. Your role is to explain the colors, designs, motifs, and symbols that appeal to you. Be honest with your jeweler!

Your jeweler is then responsible for sourcing diamonds and gemstones, choosing the best method for the fabrication of your engagement ring, utilizing the optimal precious metal(s) for your design, contracting with the right professionals, keeping the project within budget, and delivering the engagement ring on time for your special proposal.
Creating an engagement ring should be a fun, expressive, and artistic experience that you will always remember. When made properly, your ring is an heirloom which will be cherished forever.”

-Introduction to The Engagement Ring Manual (Link is above)

As Vermont’s exclusive custom jewelry designer,  The Vermont Gem Lab specializes in jewelry and engagement rings made from 100% recycled metals, ideal cut GIA certified diamonds and conflict-free sapphires and gemstones. The VT Gem Lab is owned and operated by Vermont’s only ASA Master Gemologist Appraiser (One of 49 in the world) and is the only AGA certified Gemological Laboratory in the state of Vermont.

Custom CAD  jewelry is created to complement and celebrate a client’s life, love, and style. From hand carved Lake Champlain gemstones, to rare Sri Lankan sapphires, each custom piece is designed to be as unique as it’s owner– truly one of a kind.

Custom jewelry design consultations are done by appointment.  It’s a personal and intuitive process that results in a piece that is created specifically for someone.  Everything from skin color, profession, and lifestyle are vital elements in creating a piece that will suit it’s owner and be adorned for a lifetime.

Private consultation by the Vermont Gem Lab is your perfect solution in gaining the knowledge you need to make educated decisions in creating custom jewelry.

The process of custom designing is typically as follows:

  1. Gather any old metals and/or old diamonds/gemstones that you might want to incorporate into the design.
  2. Have a basic understanding of the style(s) that you like and your budget. It’s very helpful to collect photographs or even create simple renderings of pieces.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the Vermont Gem Lab. In the first meeting, we’ll discuss cost, gemstones, metals, the process, style, construction, wear-ability, and more. We may be able to move onto production after this step, or we might need further research and discussion.
  4. Sign, date, and return a signed contract to the VT Gem Lab.
  5. Stones will be sourced based upon your feedback. It may take several meetings and shipments to find the right stone(s).
  6. Fabrication begins. This could be Computer Aided Design, custom wax carving, hand fabrication, or commercial/component fabrication.It is sometimes possible to have interim processes within these methods of manufacture. For example, a CAD rendering is 3D printed before being cast. The 3D model can be viewed before committing to a casting.
  7. Stone setting and finishing of the design.
  8. After proposal or gifting, the item can then be revisited by the VT Gem Lab to insure correct sizing and to produce a valuation.

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