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Engagement Ring Manual

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“Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions of your life.  Your engagement ring should be beautiful, timeless, and representative of your tastes.  In addition, your ring should also be durable and designed to withstand your many happy years to come.

Creating an engagement ring is a journey you take with your jeweler. Your role is to explain the colors, designs, motifs, and symbols that appeal to you. Be honest with your jeweler!

Your jeweler is then responsible for sourcing diamonds and gemstones, choosing the best method for the fabrication of your engagement ring, utilizing the optimal precious metal(s) for your design, contracting with the right professionals, keeping the project within budget, and delivering the engagement ring on time for your special proposal.
Creating an engagement ring should be a fun, expressive, and artistic experience that you will always remember. When made properly, your ring is an heirloom which will be cherished forever.”   -Introduction to The Engagement Ring Manual