Jewelry Repair

Diamond Remount ring with three central round diamonds in half bezels, diamond channel band, in platinum

The VT Gem Lab is one of Vermont’s only Jewelry Stores that offers on-the-spot jewelry repair with a JA Certified Bench Jeweler Technician. Jewelry repair and restoration is performed in the most advanced jewelry store in the state of Vermont, with AGA Gem Lab certification and a Rofin laser welder. Please schedule an appointment for all repair and restoration services. Here is our repair pricelist, which is subject to change upon inspection:

Click Here for our Repair Pricelist (subject to change without notice)

The Vermont Gem Lab uses a state-of-the-art laser welding system (as well as a jeweler’s torch). This technology provides for pinpoint accuracy and super-tough welds. It allows for repairs that are of the highest quality and repair capabilities that are above and beyond the abilities that a jeweler’s torch can perform.

Platinum Jewelry Repair

Platinum jewelry repair with a laser welder allows for flawless welds as opposed to contaminated solder joints. With the melting temperature of platinum at 3225*F, platinum jewelry is not repairable without removing precious stones or contaminating, discoloring and softening the metal with white gold solder. A laser welder, however, has a much smaller heat transfer (2.0 inches to 2.0 mm) then a jeweler’s torch. A laser welded jewelry repair deposits and fills the same platinum material into the seam, allowing for a perfect restoration that even the original jewelry artist may not be able to distinguish.

Modern Jewelry Repair

Modern jewelry repair may seem like a standardized practice but it can vary greatly in quality and value depending upon the jewelry repairman you choose. Many shops, for example, will carry only “easy solder” for repair. Easy solder is a metal introduced to breaks and seams that flows easily and has a much lower melting temperature than the parent metal. The disadvantage of this practice is a discolored seam that is much more susceptible to breaking then a “hard solder” or seamless laser weld.

A finished laser repair from the Vermont Gem Lab will have no seam, no discoloration and will be just as durable as the day you bought it!

Art Deco Jewelry Repair

Art Deco jewelry repair is quickly becoming needed as many pieces are becoming 100 years old. Worn prongs on pave set Old European cut diamonds, re-cutting synthetic sapphires and emeralds, comma and chasing and repousee techniques on warped brooches, rings and earrings are all possible. Withthe use of a laser you wont face contamination with white gold torch repairs. In fact, many restored pieces of jewelrywill leave the Vermont Gem Lab looking close to how they did when they were originally manufactured.

Victorian and Antique Silver Jewelry Repair

Estate and antique silver jewelry, even antique gold jewelry, has a patina, or oxidation, on the surface which shows the item’s apostrophe age. This patina literally holds value as it is a part of the item’s historical provenance. Torch repair will take this patina completely off up to two inches away from a solder. A laser repair for patinated silver jewelry may remove a patina only up to two millimeters.

Due to a heavy volume of custom work, repairs at the Vermont Gem Lab start at $100.